Getting Started

3 Mins 18 secs

Getting Started (Part 1)

Create an Orderica account with your personal information and be on your way to establishing your online store.

2 Mins 28 secs

Getting Started (Part 2)

Find the website subscription plan that best suits you and your business.

2 Mins 08 Secs

Getting Started (Part 3)

Integrate your Orderica account with a payment gateway for fast and secure transactions.

2 Mins 18 Secs

Getting Started (Part 4)

Configure your store settings such as closing your store or removing your website password.

Your Orderica account admin

1 Mins 32 secs

Store Dashboard

View graphs about your store sales to analyze the state of your business.

1 Mins 36 Secs

Profile and Change Password

Update your account profile and learn how to change your account password.

3 Mins 31 secs


Create user accounts for your employees and manage what they can and cannot access.

3 Mins 14 Secs

Orderica Account Settings

Manage different account settings such as Domain, Payment and Invoices, and Billing Info.

Your Store Admin

3 Mins 21 Secs


Manage and update all the orders that have been made in your store.

8 Mins 13 secs

Create and manage Products (Part 1)

Create products/catalog and manage those. This tutorila will guide you through all steps that how you can manage a product in your store.

6 Mins 0 secs

Create and manage Products (Part 2)

Easy bulk upload of your inventory items and their respective images using excel spreadsheet

4 Mins 37 secs

Add and manage Categories

Add and Manage the Categories. This tutorial will guide you through all steps that how you can manage a categories in your store.

2 Mins 36 Secs

Best Sellers

Manage the products in the best sellers section of your store.

2 Mins 33 Secs

New Arrivals

Manage the products in the new arrivals section of your store.

2 Mins 58 Secs


Apply discounts on your products for holidays and special events.

1 Mins 46 secs


Access the details of all of your customers including their order history and contact information.

3 Mins 23 secs


This tutorial will show you how to generate reports according to different conditions and filters.

8 Mins 09 secs

Design Your Custom Ring (Part 1)

This tutorial will help to configure and create a product Design Your Custom Ring Type.

12 Mins 34 secs

Design Your Custom Ring (Part 2)

Create and manage your Design Your Custom Ring type products

2 Mins 01 Secs

Promotion Codes

Create promotion codes to offer exclusive discounts to your customers.

2 Mins 05 secs


Learn how you can choose and apply a template from existing ones.

9 Mins 07 secs


Learn how you can configure all settings related to Payment, Shipping & Taxes.

Your Store Configuration

2 Mins 40 secs

Taxes and Shipping

Learn how the taxes will be calculated and applied on your store. Also add new shipping carriers and manage them.

5 Mins 30 secs


Learn how to customize pages for your store.